Autopsy Table. Made from a combination of 316 and 304 Stainless Steel. Table comprises 3 Removable perforated Body Trays. Sparge Valve for Sump cleaning. Height adjustment of 200mm to suit different heights. An Hydro-Aspirator can also be added as an option. Options can also include the “Kenyon” Body Tray Docking facility. This is where the Kenyon Body Tray can be removed from the Chamber and inserted in to the Table without the need for Manual Handling.

Sink consists of Lever Action Taps, and Shower Hose and Gun. Downdraught facility built in to the Plenum of the Table or can be supplied with Remote Downdraught facility using Ductwork. Table can be supplied with options like, CCTV, Electric Plug Points, Rotation of 180 Degrees, Macerator.