Truly Modular Body Chamber and Modular Cold Room Solutions

All our Panels Cam Lock together to create a super-efficient seal. Even our Floor and Ceiling Panels are all Cam Locked. It’s wise to look for suppliers that supply Cold rooms that all Cam Lock together as if not they are simply installed using “Cut and Shut” Panels which are oversized and cut down then held in place with Metal Angle Section screwed to the Panels. This is not an Energy efficient way for the End user but a cheaper solution for the supplier.

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Free Stacking/Embalming Trolley

A Free Stacking/Embalming Trolley with every Kenyon Body Chamber with a capacity of 8 or above. Contact us for full details.

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Price Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and value of our range of Autopsy, Post-Morten, Funeral House and Mortuary Equipment, that William Kenyon will price match any genuine written like for like quotation. Please contact us for more details