• Cheadle Mosque
  • Cheadle Mosque

WJ Kenyon were approached by the Architect working and designing the new build Mosque in Cheadle. WJ Kenyon were brought in at the initial design stages to give their professional input on the Ventilation, Temperature Control, Thermal Dynamics and Manual Handling. Kenyon worked closely at every stage of the project we were involved in as consulting Mechanical and Refrigeration Engineers. Everything had to work seamlessly and the remit was on low energy consumption and drastically reduced Carbon footprints throughout. The Mosque has Solar Panels fitted on the roof to power the whole building. Kenyon cover the UK and work closely with Architects and Specifiers to offer Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC and full building fit out services.

Body Chamber FD 1-3

Kenyon supplied our high efficiency “low Carbon foot print” Chiller Cold Room. This was achieved by utilising our Kenyon 100% Modular build Cold Rooms that utilise our patented Profile Thermal Barrier system. Every Panel locks in to a Profile which in turn locks in to another Profile. Utilising 80mm thick Panels and our unique Kenyon profile system creates a room of immense thermal dynamics and fabric efficiency. The Refrigeration unit that runs the Cold Room is made with Tropicalised Fins that disperse heat quickly. The Condensor Fans are of a twin set up type with Fan Speed Controllers that control Head Pressure. Fan Speed Controllers are the only real way of controlling Head Pressure and Discharge Temperatures.

The Body Chamber internal furniture is all bright polished 316 Medical grade Stainless Steel and utilises full width Rollers that are fully height adjustable in every direction.  The Kenyon pressed 750mm wide Obese Trays that come as standard in a Kenyon Chamber were also supplied.

Kenyon mobile pressed Ghusl Table

William Kenyon produced a 316 Stainless Steel Ghusl Table with a pressed Sparge area. The remit had to be for faster drain away of foul water and splashing to be almost eliminated. A full 400mm deep Sink and lever action NHS taps were required with 6-inch levers for elbow operation. The pressed sparge area beneath the Kenyon Body Trays has an elevated angle in all four corners so all foul water falls naturally to the central drain and out of the waste gate. The Top platform Body Trays are removeable and have larger punched diameter holes for faster drain away of water. The Kenyon Ghusal Table is made from medical grade 316 Stainless Steel and is of a very high polished finish. The Kenyon Body Trays are coated with a chemical that literally makes the water bead. The Kenyon Body Tray platforms are made at the right height to comply with Manual Handling. All other surfaces apart from the Kenyon Body Tray platforms are made from medical grade Stainless Steel, but in a Satin finish for a contrasting look. The Body Tray platforms consist of 800 laser punched holes of the Kenyon in-house specification. This is unique to the Kenyon Ghusl tables

The Table comes complete with our in-line Safety Valves. A programmed Thermostat to regulate the water temperature and a mixer unit is also built in to supply the two 3.0 metre shower heads located on each side of the Ghusl table with water set at a certain temperature with built in Macerator.

Kenyon Preparation Table

was also manufactured and supplied in high grade Medical Stainless Steel. Fully mobile and on 4 castors. This is used for the dressing of the deceased and applying Perfumes, and for the storage of towels on the under shelf below.

HET style Touch Button Electric Trolley

Electric being the chosen medium as that would make carrying out the removing and inserting of the Kenyon Trays much easier for everyone. This trolley is used for un-loading and loading the body chamber and for moving around the mortuary safe and secure.

A One Man Loading Stretcher

Enabling the Janaaza staff to collect the deceased safely from the collection point to the mortuary/Ghusl room. The stretcher has folding legs that each operate at the pull of two levers making it easier to insert in to a vehicle.

KEH 320 Body Hoist

This is a fully mobile electric touch button Body Hoist that lifts the deceased at a touch of a button. This makes manual handling a really simple affair with the twin Castors mounted in each corner. There are 8 Castors in total and all are braked. Operation is via a wired Keypad and the simple pressing of one brings the unit in to operation. The unit has a boom with 4 body safety straps that self- lock and a head support sling. The Kenyon KEH 320 glides effortlessly across the Mortuary floor.

Fixed Coffin Bier Trolley

Kenyon supplied their fixed Coffin Bier Trolley. This is made from 40mm Square Steel tube and then Powder coated in Kenyon Silver Blue. This is rated at 250KG as standard with 4 heavy duty Rubber Castors with all 4 being braked.

Folding Stainless Steel Janazza Trolley

Kenyon supplied their folding and collapsing Stainless Steel Coffin Trolley. This is used to transport the deceased to the Prayer room for the Salat.  It utilises large rubber castors and all are braked. It’s made to last the test of time being so well built and constructed of entirely Stainless Steel.

Kenyon Mobile Coffin Racking

Kenyon supplied their mobile Coffin Racking to the Ghusal Khana at Cheadle Mosque.

It’s sat on 4 heavy duty castors and all are braked. It’s made from 40mm square tube and Powder Coated by Kenyon. It’s painted in the Kenyon Silver hammer finish to stand the rest of time and rated at 300KG.