WJ Kenyon were proud to supply and install Birmingham Aston Mosque with bespoke Ghusal Equipment.

Kenyon supplied their high efficiency Modular Italian Cold Room made using our unique patented “Profile System”. This enables every panel to lock together from the floor to the ceiling. There are no screws, rivets or 90 degree angle sections used in our build as the whole unit is totally modular and locks together with a key. The chamber door was supplied extra wide at 800 mm so coffins could be inserted in to the chamber and then on to the Kenyon full width rollers.

There are cheaper alternatives on the market known as “cut and carve” but this is not what Kenyon supply or indeed what the client even wanted. The racking system was made from high grade Medical Stainless Steel and fully height adjustable. Made to a tolerance of +/- 1 mm.

The Body Trays were manufactured from high grade Medical Stainless Steel and completely hand polished to look like mirrors, with no raised areas at all.

The Kenyon Ghusal Table was another unique build. Designed and manufactured as the client wanted it. The table was manufactured from  high grade Medical Stainless Steel. The 3 removeable Body Trays were manufactured from high grade “Bright Polished Stainless Steel” then laser cut and punched with larger 12 mm holes for faster drain away of foul water to the sparge area below. The plenum under the Kenyon Ghusal Table houses all the water connections and supply services so they could not be seen, but easily reached via a removeable service panel if need be.

The table consists of 3 x 3.0 metre “Kenyon Washing Hoses” that come up from below the table and retract when not needed. The reason there are two hoses is so two people can do the Ghusal at the same time. These Ghusal Hoses are fed from a Stainless Steel Mixer Unit delivering on the button hot or cold water.

Hospital lever action taps were supplied as standard on the “Kenyon Ghusal Table” operated via elbow on 6 inch lever arms.

A “Kenyon Preparation Table” was also manufactured and supplied in high grade Medical Stainless Steel. Fully mobile and on 4 castors. This is used for the dressing of the deceased and applying Perfumes, and for the storage of towels on the under shelf below.

Kenyon also supplied their HET style “Touch Button Electric Trolley”. Electric being the chosen medium as that would make carrying out the removing and inserting of the Kenyon Trays much easier for everyone. This trolley is used for un-loading and loading the body chamber and for moving around the mortuary safe and secure.

A One Man Loading Stretcher was supplied to enable the Janaaza staff to collect the deceased safely from the collection point to the mortuary/Ghusal room. The stretcher has folding legs that each operate at the pull of two levers making it easier to insert in to a vehicle.