Kenyon bespoke Cooling equipment.

Kenyon were tasked with installing bespoke Refrigeration equipment to create a temperature-controlled environment at a Funeral Directors premises.  Additional storage space was required on site so the walls were lined with 80mm thick insulated panels located within Marine grade wood and then covered with white plastic sheeting. The white plastic sheeting gives a very clean finish to the room whilst making it very hygienic and easy to clean.

The Condensing unit was supplied with tropicalised Coils with larger fin spacing to cope with much higher ambient temperatures. The Condensor was coupled to the indoor Evaporator that was fitted with a very high-capacity Fan to discharge the air rapidly with a very large air-throw. Return air was delivered back to the Evaporator very quickly and with the result being a very quick pull down in room temperature.

The Evaporator has a built in digital Controller that senses various parameter settings from its strategically located sensors. The Condensing unit runs on the very latest low GWP Refrigerant and was also fitted with LP/HP safety devices, Sight Glass and Filter Drier including Fan Speed Controller. The Compressor selected was of a Scroll type manufacture and being very energy efficient in its running.