Kenyon were approached to supply the Ghusal equipment for Macclesfield Funeral Services.

The Lateral Chamber utilised our Grande Coldroom model and with our unique profile system that every panel has to lock in to using “push and pull” cam locks. Using our patented system this creates a very energy efficient seal, and in turn costs the client considerably less to run in energy consumption. Something Kenyon strive to achieve by modifying the cold rooms time and time again. Taking a thermal imaging cameras in to a cold room will show you exactly what we mean by “thermal dynamics” and can demonstrate “heat leakage” issue, highlighting the cheaper alternatives being sold on the market.

The Kenyon Lateral Chamber was fitted with an insulated roller shutter door, complete with rubber “sweeper gasket.”  Interior furniture consisted of 316 Stainless Steel racking with stub rollers. The body trays were bright polished and 316 Stainless Steel complete with drain hole and plug.