Kenyon New Fixed Ghusal Table

Kenyon were approached by a new build Mosque in Accrington to design a Ghusal Table bespoke to them. A new Ghusal Table was manufactured with a Plenum underneath for the services to be connected but not seen. The Table is made from 316 Stainless Steel and 304 Stainless Steel. The Body Trays are larger and with 12mm Laser Punched Holes for faster drain away of soiled water and made in 316 bright polished Stainless Steel.. Under the Trays lies the Sparge area, an area that is self-cleaning.

The Table was made to 2.8 metres long and 1 metre wide to accommodate a larger footprint. The Sink is deeper and with Elbow operated Lever action Taps. The Table has a Mixer to supply both the Taps and the two Shower attachments either side of the Table. The Shower attachments were brought in to two Compartments at either side of the Sink so as not to be seen after use, and that can be locked away.

The Service connections to the Ghusal Table are underneath and concealed from view.  The Table can be used by two people at once so the Ghusal is made a little easier. The Table comes with the Kenyon removable Privacy cover for the Chaadar to go over the top during the Ghusal.

The Table can be equipped with optional extras as required.

CCTV Camera
Electric Height Adjustment/Manual Hydraulic Adjustment
Plug Sockets

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