Kenyon Group were commissioned to design and build a Religious Washing room at a Mosque in Bolton. Our CAD team came up with the layout of the room and the most ergonomic location of the Mortuary equipment. Kenyon Manufactured and installed the Kenyon FD 1-3 Body Chamber coupled to the Kenyon Halo Refrigeration unit. A Refrigeration unit designed to run efficiently and pull down quicker utilising bigger coils. Power consumption is reduced on the Kenyon system due to its unique design, Fans and Compressor specification.

Kenyon designed and manufactured the Kenyon Ghusl Table – a Muslim Washing Table, with its Shower Mechanisms on both sides. The Ghusl Table also houses the Shower Mixer, Hospital Lever taps and the larger perforated Laser cut holes in the Body Trays. This is so the water leaves the Washing Table quickly without mess. The Ghusl Table was finished off with the Kenyon Stainless Steel privacy cover. The Washing Table was paired to a Kenyon Stainless Steel Preparation Table manufactured to the same height as the Kenyon Washing Table.

Our Kenyon HET Style touch button Trolley was designed to work seamlessly with our Body Trays on the Kenyon FD 1-3 Chamber.

Washing room tiles were from Italy and made from smooth Marble to give the room a prestigious, clean and light work area.