William Kenyon were approached by a Mosque in Gravesend to design their Ghusal Room. Kenyon Submitted a CAD drawing of the project to the committee for approval. Kenyon supplied our Bespoke:

Ghusal Table

Washing Table made from 316 Stainless Steel. The Table comprises of a Sink and Lever action Taps. A Hot and Cold Mixer was installed on the Ghusal Table that fed two Shower systems, one on either side of the Table.

The Sink had larger perforated Punched Holes for faster draining of foul water. The Table has two built in Drains underneath for self- cleaning of the Sump. The Service connections are Push Fit to compliment the Mobile facility of the Ghusal Table. A 316 Stainless Steel Privacy cover was also made so that the washing may be done in privacy.

A 316 grade Stainless Steel Preparation was also manufactured and supplied. Again on Castors for Mobility. The height was set at the same height of the Ghusal Table for ease of transfer from one to the other.

Body Chamber

Kenyon supplied a FD 1-4 Body Chamber. The design being totally Modular. This means that all Panels lock together with Cam Locks to create a very energy efficient seal. No Screws, Rivets or Angle section are used on Kenyon Chambers. A High efficiency Kenyon Halo Refrigeration unit was manufactured and fitted to the Chamber.

The Body Racking system is 316 Bright Polished Stainless Steel. It is fully height adjustable utilising our Stub Rollers. 4 Bright Polished 316 Stainless Steel Kenyon Body Trays were also fitted to the Chamber.

HET Trolley

Kenyon also supplied our HET stacking Trolley. It was supplied with a touch button Control Pad for ease of use by the staff on site. Charging takes but fifteen minutes from empty.