William Kenyon were commissioned by a large Hospital Contractor in Ghana to supply several Refrigerated Cabinets for the storage and preservation of Human remains. Kenyon designed and manufactured the Hospital Mortuary Cabinets from 100mm thick Polyurethane. They were supplied with Stainless Steel internal Floors and high efficiency Kenyon doors, utilising Fermod furniture.

The Cabinets were fitted with the “Kenyon Modular Racking System” which due to its unique build allows for Air flow around the product with greater higher efficiency. This allows the Cabinet to cool quicker and with considerable ease. The” Kenyon Stub Roller” was utilised on all four Tiers throughout the Cabinet. This allows for full access to the Cabinet for Cleaning or Maintenance.

The Chamber had the “Kenyon Refrigeration Halo System” fitted to it that utilises the Scroll Compressor, Refrigerant R404a and Tropicalised Fin spacing both on the Evaporative Condensor and the Outdoor Condensing Unit. The system allows for quicker pull down of internal temperature and longer cut off times. This saves on Energy consumption, reduces overall costs and increases the longevity of the plant.