Kenyon were asked to supply and design the Ghusal Room at the Sunderland Mosque. The order consisted of the Kenyon Body Chamber FD 1-3 complete with height adjustable Stainless Steel Body Racking made from 316 Stainless Steel utilising Full width Rollers for Coffin use as well as Body Tray storage. The Kenyon Chamber is a High energy efficiency unit and made totally Modular. Every Panel locks together with “Push and Pull” Cam Locks. No Screws, Rivets or cut down “Cut and Carve” Panels are used. Being totally 100% Modular means a total high energy efficient system. This in turn creates longevity and lower energy consumption. A very important point worth considering when buying  Body storage capital equipment.

Kenyon also manufactured the Kenyon Ghusal Table in 316 Stainless Steel. The Table is complete with Sink, Lever action Hospital Taps, Chrome Mixer, 2 Shower Hoses, enabling two people to carry out the Ghusal at the same time and larger 12mm laser cut holes for faster drain away of waste water. The Table is fully mobile with “Push Fit” service connections and set on 6 Braked Castors. The Kenyon Privacy cover is removable and comes as standard, for total privacy during the Ghusal.

Kenyon also supplied its HET style loading and un-loading Trolley with touch button remote control. This makes it easy to operate for both Female and Male Ghusal staff.

Our Collapsible Stainless Steel Coffin Trolley and one Man Loading Stretcher were also supplied for a complete seamless Ghusal room environment.