Kenyon’s range of larger Modular Cleanrooms typically use 80mm thick double steel skinned, food safe coated, PIR wall panels. We can provide levels of cleanliness from ISO Class 6 through to ISO Class 9, depending upon customers’ requirements. We can provide a full service through from design and initial specification through to a full turnkey installation.

The PIR range typically utilises a plastic coated double steel skinned 80mm/100mm thick wall panels with (PIR) insulation. These panels deliver an impressive strength to weight ratio, hygiene and temperature control, plus fast build times. This system will virtually eliminate the risk of mould and bacterial growth thanks to its ability to repel water and vapour. PIR panels are also fibre free, so there’s no risk from airborne contamination. Engineered joints give excellent air tightness for further protection and prevention of dust ingress. Lengths of up to 18m give you more flexibility in design and can speed up construction.

A choice of surface finishes and colours are available but typically include: Foodsafe laminate/polyester, PVF2 and HPS200.

Rooms can be constructed in any size or shape and can be provided with self-supported walk-on ceilings if so required.

Air Handling

Typically, the larger Modular Clean Rooms will be supplied with ceiling mounted HEPA filtration units. These units are manufactured in our own factory in Somerset and any number can be linked together to suit an unlimited size of room or suite. They can be set to recirculate air back into the clean room or alternatively supplied to draw in fresh air from the outside. Each unit has its own speed controller fitted and low airflow alarm to alert users of any maintenance requirements.

All of our cleanrooms can be provided with ambient temperature air or alternatively can be specified with air-conditioning run through a split system or alternatively a full air handling system with HEPA filtration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Humidity control can be provided. In addition we can also provide full monitoring of temperature, humidity and/or air quality which can be through a standalone system or via Wi-Fi controlled sensors connected to the internet that can be monitored from anywhere in the world.