Kenyon were commissioned to install Refrigeration in rooms where Air Conditioning was installed. The Air conditioning being Comfort Cooling would only ever achieve 18C. This is not ideal for use as a preservation temperature. Problems faced here were lack of wall Insulation and we had to come up with a solution that would not cause Condensation or Mildew growth.

Our bespoke Kenyon Condensing unit and Kenyon Evaporator were utilised. These systems have a built in De-humidifier that will absorb the moisture from the air whilst bringing the room down to 5C by way of the Scroll Compressor in the Condensing unit and Tropicalised Coils. The Condensing Unit also benefits from a Fan Speed Controller that allows for the Fan Speed RPM making it faster or slower dependent on the external outside Ambient temperature and internal Head Pressure.

The Stainless Steel Evaporator benefits from a very large and fast Fan with a unique Blade pitch that allows for faster cooled Air circulation, and warm return Air pushed back to the Sensing Probes.

These systems are very energy efficient in that they cool down quickly, rest longer and in doing so this extends the life of the Refrigeration Plant.